I think You decided to lose your weight. But do you feel worried about that how you lose your weight in your home by exercise? Please do n’t worry or feel shy about it. We are always ready to help you. From weight loss exercise at home, you came to know what ways you lose your weight in your home by easy exercises. If you determined your mind to lose your weight by exercise then you should start now from today. You should remember that it’s not only about losing weight but also leading a healthier life too. Exercise makes your mind refreshes. Let’s go, now we know how to weight loss at home by easy exercise.

1.Start your day with a workout

Weight loss exercise at homeIf you think that you haven’t got enough time for exercise then you can start your day with simple homework. It will be helpful for you. You should get up early in the morning then you get more extra time for exercise. You can start exercise since morning. Set your time for your every work.

2.Single leg balance stick 

Weight loss exercise at homeStanding your body and balance on your right foot with your left foot. It’s Important to keep your body straight and lift your left heel up straightly. The first time you facing some trouble of balancing but don’t disappoint, you just focus in front of you or you can hold your back leg for support your body.

3.Bird Dog

Weight loss exercise at homePlease ensure that your hands are immediately under your shoulders, and your knees should have under your hip. Gradually enhance your right leg behind you and touch your right arm into a straight line. Try to hold your balance without bending your body. And return to the starting position and repeat that again from opposite side.


the push-up is a basic and simple exercise that is done by simply up and raising the body with the support of the arms. Holding your body straight and raise your body by your hands. Push up your body up and downs. Slowly down your chest by bending your elbows. If you feel this type of exercise is difficult for you then you can use your knees for support your body. It increases your bodies strength.



Bridge exercise increasing you strengthen your whole body part. It improves your bodies stabilization. At first lying on the floor and kept your arm down by your sides. And now bend your knees and gradually raise your hips up and try to keep your body straight. Keeping your foot and hand on the touch of the floor. Try to hold it at least 30 seconds and try it for several times. This is one of the best ways among weight loss exercise at home.


Weight loss exercise at homeSquats are very effective exercises for your special body parts such as buttocks and legs. The squat is a position in which your knees bent closely and your bodies weight stayed on your heel. It’s work on your legs, hips, buttocks, and thighs. Try to keep your body straight. If you think this exercise will be very hard for you then you can sit on a chair and stand up for several times. This way is same similar to squats.

Superman exercise

It’s an energy packed exercise and reduces your fat. Especially it works on your lower back, thighs, and legs. Try to keep your hand and legs straight. Gradually, Your leg and hand lifted up from the ground and try to stay this at least 30 seconds. Repeat this two or three times. This exercise reduces your belly fat.

Single leg lift jump exercise

Weight loss exercise at homeThis is one of the most effective exercises to lose weight and tone your body among weight loss exercises at home. It works on muscles and thigh and at the same time, it also helps you to gain your balance. At first, you need to stand straight and lift the left leg off the ground and bend your knees. Touch the grounds by your hands. Try this at least 30 seconds.  You can do this by standing. Bending your one leg and standing on one leg. If you are a beginner , it will be challenging for you. But if you try this regularly it will be easy.

Bent leg rotating exercise

At first, you need to stand straight and place your hands one after another in front of your mouth. It will increase your strength level. Now you should bring your concentration to your legs. So, you need to lift your right leg and bend your knee to your waist. And rotate your knees which you can and try for at least 15 seconds. Now move to the left leg and do the same things. It’s a challenging exercise but very effective. You can try this now to do strength your thigh muscles.

Grow Your Weight loss exercise at home

Inverted shoulder press

It’s a unique and exceptional exercise. It effectively utilizes the body weight tone and does your arm and shoulder muscles very strengths. You need to push up your position with your hands and keep your shoulder touch on the floor. Bend your knees and keep your toe on the floor and raise your hips as an inverted “V”. Try to do this many times.

 Skipping exercise

Weight loss exercise at homeIt’s a very effective and enjoyable exercise for both men and women. It’s very easy and entertaining like a game so that you don’t get bored. Through this exercise, you can lose your fat from thigh and stomach. For this exercise, you need just a jumping rope. Jumping with both legs is a better choice. You can do it every day for 30 seconds to one minute. Try to keep your body and knees straight while jumping.

Inverted V pipe exercise

you can do this exercise every day for 30 seconds. First, you need to lie down on the floor facing downwards and place your toes on the floor. Balance your body on your hand and toes and keep your hand on the ground. Bend your body like V shape. And keep your body in this position at least 30 seconds.

These all are amazing weight loss exercise at home. And these all procedure give you the best result. You need to try to do it regularly to get best results.  You can drink two glasses of mineral water in every morning with empty stomach. It helps flush the toxin out. So, if you think that you want to lose your weight without going to the gym then this all methods will be helpful for you. Now, you can start your exercise. Do exercise regularly and keep healthy.

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