Living a healthy lifestyle is easier when you have a reliable home fitness equipment like a recumbent bike. However, it may be hard for people like me to have one, as most recumbent bikes can get too bulky and take up lots of living space. If only I had known this amazing Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike before, I couldn’t have encountered this problem ever.

It is foldable, lightweight, and efficient enough to help you get your game on. Plus, it’s cheaper compared to other home exercise bikes! With this Sunny Exercise Bike, you get the whole package you’re looking for.

Come on and let’s know more about this great fitness equipment through this Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike Review.


This Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike is a godsend for people who don’t want to miss fitness time while saving home space. It is foldable, lightweight, and comes with transportation wheels, which makes it easy to store and move around the house. Also, this fitness bike can support as much as 220 pounds of weight, making it ideal for almost everybody.

This Sunny Health Folding Recumbent Bike is ideal for ladies looking for great home fitness equipment. Aside from being easy to use, store and handle, this equipment comes in the color they love – pink! Given that this fitness bike is pink in color, it may not be ideal for men users.

Before buying this Sunny Health Folding Recumbent Bike, there are three things to consider: weight, stock seat, and color.Its stock seat may be small to other users, making them uncomfortable while using the recumbent bike. However, you could always purchase a separate seat with a wider form and a more cushioned feel.

Lastly, this particular Sunny Health and Fitness Bike model only comes in pink. So if you have other color preference, we suggest another model for you. In the later part of this article, I will suggest three alternatives, so maybe one of them could be right for you!

Presenting the Product

This SF-RB1117 Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike is a total fitness package because of the great features it possesses. It is toughly built with a mixture of high-end steel and plastic, but it still manages to be lightweight and easy to use. It has an 8-tier magnetic resistance you can always adjust if you want to make your fitness session light or challenging. Also, this Sunny Health and Fitness Bike can support a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs, making it ideal for almost anybody.

This recumbent bike comes with an LCD which lets you know your fitness stats. It displays time, speed, distance achieved, and the calories you’ve burned for a particular session. You can also easily fold, move and store this Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike anywhere in your home! All thanks to its transportation wheels and foldable structure, using it has never been easier.

Compared to other models, this comes as a great bang for your buck! It is priced cheaper compared to other recumbent bikes, but you get all the essential features to satisfy your fitness needs. That’s why a lot of people trust Sunny Health and Fitness when it comes to exercise equipment because they deliver great satisfaction at a small price.

Features and Benefits

Cushioned Back and Adjustable Seat

In using this fitness bike, you also get optimum support and comfort through its cushioned back and seat! Plus, the seat is adjustable, making it cater to various user heights. With this feature, working out wouldn’t have to be much of a burden.

Stats LCD

This Sunny Health Fitness SF RB1117 Folding Rec has a stats LCD, so that you can check your speed, distance, calories burned and total workout time. Therefore, you won’t have to use another device to track your workout performance, as this fitness bike got you.

8-tier Modifiable Magnetic Resistance

This fitness bike comes with an 8-tier magnetic resistance which lets you take charge of how light or challenging you want the exercise session to be. This feature allows you to sweat and get your regular cardio exercise, the way you want it. With this bike’s adjustable magnetic resistance, you can also develop strength, tone, and a healthy heart, without going to the gym and having to leave home.

Non-skid pedals

With this recumbent bike, you get safety and security in every workout. It has non-skid pedals with straps, allowing you to put your feet in place. The non-skid pedals also avoid incidents of slips and strains.

Transportation Wheels

You can surely move this Sunny Health and Fitness Recumbent Bike anywhere you want through its transportation wheels! Whether you want to work out in your room, in the living room, or even on the balcony, you won’t have to break a sweat in doing so. Also, this recumbent bike is pretty light with its 40lbs. weight. So if you need to carry it at some point, you can do it without assistance.

Foldable Structure

Finally, this Sunny Health and Fitness Indoor Cycling Bike has a foldable structure, making it easy to store. You can place it in a corner, or have it lay flat in the cabinet. This recumbent bike saves you from storage worries, making it ideal for small living spaces.

  • Silent operation
  • Sturdy and reliable built
  • Secure pedaling
  • Easy to fold and store
  • Easy to assemble
  • Great deal for the price


  • Small seat
  • Handles are too near to the seat


Social Proof

According to other Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike reviews, people are satisfied with the features they get from this fitness bike. It is priced cheaper, which makes it appealing to them. However, the best thing about this recumbent bike is not just its price, but the benefits it provides to make their workout time worthwhile.

Alternatives product

If this recumbent bike from Sunny Health and Fitness isn’t ideal for you, here are three equally good ones that could interest you! Check these alternatives out, and maybe you can spot the one for you.

Sunny Health & Fitness SF-RB4601 Recumbent Bike

If you prefer another model or structure of any of Sunny Health and Fitness recumbent bikes, maybe this one appeals to you. It primarily works the lower body out while helping you maintain a proper and comfortable upper body structure. Also, this fitness bike is in the color gray, making it ideal for both men and women users.

Innova XB350 Folding Upright Bike with iPad/Android Tablet Holder

If you want to work out without missing work or entertainment time, this recumbent bike from Innova may be an ideal choice for you. It has a tablet holder that securely puts your device in place. Also, it has a stats display, and can hold up to 250 pounds of user weight.

3.DeskCycle Desk Exercise Bike Pedal Exerciser

If you always work in front of a computer, this DeskCycle Pedal Exerciser could be a top choice for you. It is suitable for most desk sizes and heights, and securely holds your feet while pedaling. It also displays your stats and works silently, making you focus on your office work while working out.


A: No, it doesn’t. You can personally assemble it, or have it assembled beforehand for a fee.


A: No, you can’t. It’s not advisable to pedal backward, as it may badly affect the bike’s functionality.


A: Yes, it is. You could replace it with a bigger and a more comfortable one.


A: Yes, they are. You can move it forward or backward.


A: Yes, it will! This bike can be adjusted to become suitable for users with different height levels, so you will not have a problem with it.

Final Verdict 

With all the features and benefits you can get from this Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike, it is a worthy equipment to invest on! You can get fun and productive workout times, without worrying about its storage and performance. You also get a great deal for your money, making this recumbent bike a top choice for most people.

Never have to visit the gym to get the workout fix you need! With this Sunny Folding Recumbent Bike, you can achieve your fitness goals in the comfort of your home.

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