Are you going fatty day by day? Are you worried about it? Do you want a flat shape and attractive body? If a fatless body is in your dream then it will come true if you follow all the instructions of diet plan for weight loss. We shall give some functional instruction here which will be very helpful for you. You can burn your excess fat without traditional exercise within a very short time. It’s all depended on you. At first, determine your mind then start your diet plan and get a healthy but fatless body.

Never skip your breakfast:

Diet plan for weight lossWe all know this that a healthy breakfast is very important for our health and it’s called the most important meal of a day. You should have your breakfast within one hour after your waking up. And it must be full of essential nutrients which require in our body. If you skip your breakfast it will be harmful to your health and you might be ill. So, a healthy breakfast keeps you feet all day.

Go for fish-oil supplements:

Fish oil is considered as a bliss of food. Omega-3 fatty acids which we can found from fish and it’s essential for everyone and it should be included in your diet plan. If you don’t want it to eat directly then you find many fish-oil supplements are available in the market. These supplements help you to burn your fat and get a flat belly.

Diet plan for weight lossAvoid eating after 8 p.m:

“Eat breakfast like a tourist, lunch like a king and dinner like a beggar.” The night is the last time of the day and your digestive system wants a break and prepares to shut down. So, eat something light food as possible. And avoid eating after 8.00 pm so that your body can get enough time to digest.

Avoid chewing Gum:

There are many people who are chewing gums all day. But it not beneficial for our health. They can munch dry fruit which is beneficial for our health. So, you can try it.

Leave fast food: 

Diet plan for weight lossDo you love cheese, burgers, or any other fast food? Please leave it from today. It will be injurious to our health and increase our fat. So, at first, you should leave it. You came to know what type of food will be helpful for our health. You should eat natural foods and more fat burnings food. Diet plan for weight loss gives you some example of healthy food.

  • Green tea and coffee
  • Hot peppers
  • Grains, Quinoa, and oats
  • Beans and Lentils
  • Grape fruits and other Citrus Fruits
  • Berries
  • Apples
  • Almonds, Almond milk, and Almond butter
  • Eggs
  • Chicken
  • Fish and fish oil. Etc.

Plan your meals and make a chart what you want:


By planning your meals and make a food chart you will start memorizing and you will able to count how many calories contain in your favorite food. And what you should avoid. You came to know about your food habit. From all these things you can make a perfect food plan which will be helpful for your health that burns your fat but contains nutrients.

Make a healthy food plan is the first step of your dieting. Make a meal chart increasing your self-confidence. It will be keeping you motivated. Avoiding this habit when you complete your meal and taking more. Eat some little. Don’t fill your stomach with the meal. Its better when you started your meal please drink a glass of water before starting your meal.


When we are talking about setting a meal plan we should know how many calories you need a day. Just added a zero of your goal weight. Such as if your goal weight will be 120 pounds then you should eat 1200 calories per day.


Diet plan for weight loss is 70% depending on your food plan and 30% depends on exercise. A lot of people think that diet plan depends on exercise but this is not true. Just control your food habit you can get an attractive and healthy body. So, it’s not a matter of fact you do exercise regularly or not.


Drink a gallon of water every day because water is key to the success of your losing weight. Water naturally increases your metabolism. We recommend you to drink minimum 3 liters water every day. If you can’t able to drink these measure of water then you can start slow with 60 ounces per day and increase it every day.

Here we give a diet plan for weight loss:

Breakfast :

  1. Omelette made with three egg whites with chopped mixed peppers or
  2. Baked chicken breast with a stir fried kale or,
  3. 100 gm smoked fish with spinach or,
  4. Scrambled eggs with tomato and green beans.

Mid-morning snacks:

  1. 100 gm chicken with ½ pepper slice or,
  2. 100 gm Turkey breast with ½ green pepper slice or
  3. Two hard-boiled eggs with ½ red pepper sliced or
  4. 100 gm chicken breast with tomato or cucumber or salad.



  1. One grilled chicken breast with salad leaves, green beans, and ¼ tbsp olive oil. Or,
  2. Baked haddock filled with green salads. Or,
  3. A cup of rice with a piece of meat or fish. Or,
  4. One grill chicken breast with garden salad and ¼ tbsp olive oil.
  5. 150 gm grilled prawns with green salad and red piper and ¼ tbsp olive oil. Or,
  6. 150 gm Turkey with the green salad and steamed broccoli.

Mid-Afternoon snacks:

Which item you choose for your breakfast you can choose one of them for your mid afternoon snacks.

Dinner :

  1. 100 gm grilled chicken with steamed broccoli. Or,
  2. One fish stick with green beans and chopped dill. Or,
  3. One grilled lamb stick with steamed broccoli. Or,
  4. 100 gm chicken breast with steamed broccoli. Or,
  5. A cup of rice, vegetables, and lentils.

most important tips  you can find hear:

You can follow this diet plan for weight loss. Losing weight is not impossible if you want. Here we included all information which we think that will be very effective for your diet plan. If you follow all instructions you can get an attractive body which you want within a very short time. So, start your diet plan from today. We always here to help you. Don’t give up your hope. Happy eating! Happy life!!

Thanks for staying with us.

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