The best way to get fit comes at with the price tag that is labeled “staying healthy with determination and perserversance” while exercising, monitoring your blood pressure, eliminating bad habits, and eating right. In fact, it’s that desire to remain fit that will keep you living a longer and healthier lifestyle that does the trick.

Best way to get fit important tips

Let’s get physical

Getting physical doesn’t have to mean running a marathon. Although, running around a nearby school track or the use of a recumbent exercise bike can begin the path to a healthier heart. It’s also a refreshing way to exercise since the flexibility of this type of exercising increases blood flow to the heart. In return, the reduction of “atherosclerosis” will be reduced. This is when the arteries harden. Sound bad? It is, because it leads to having a fatal heart attack.

Working out with the heart in mind

Therefore, a refreshing workout such as riding a bike, running, or even, swimming. Boosing your heart’s health by working those muscles in the body helps strengthen your heart. With a daily exercise regimen, it will increase those coronary arteries, studies have shown. Working out 5 times a week is a great way to stay fit according to the American Heart Association. Working out 30 minutes per day, 5 days a week willl reduce your chances of heart disease.

best way to get fitIt’s one of the Best way to get fit including slimming down. Regular exercise will reduce many other health ailments and diseases while your at it. Another way to keep fit is continue improvement of your cardiovascular health. It becomes a great release for stress and many other physical ailments. An all-around exercise routine will become habitual sooner than you know it. If you want to have a great cardiovascular exercise routine, then the recommended dose given by the American Heart Association, take on one or two of these exercises: running, swimming, aerobics, and biking. 2.

Less sodium intake

The recommended salt allowance for individuals, as reported by the American Heart Association, is 1,500 mg. Most individuals gain the bad habits of pouring too much salt on their (already) salt infested food. When those who have a heart condition need to put salt on their food, it’s recommended to think about the cases where it has lead to high blood pressure. Not that you need salt, or sodium, with your food, it’s actually 75 percent of consumption which come from those fast food restaurants, and non-fast food restaurants. This includes processed foods. To stay fit is to eat healthy too. Eating at home with fresh food as well as non processed foods go a long way and in turn is another Best way to get fit.

Chocolate, chocolate, and more chocolate

For those who need to eat a piece of chocolate, go for it! In fact, if you eat a piece a “dark” chocolate per day, it can prevent the formation of nitric oxide in your body. This interesting fact was the result of a study from the University of Adelaide in Australia. It reduces blood pressure because the cocoa acts like a fighting agent. The antioxidant compounds or flavanols are the main reasons for this formation of the nitric oxide. Thus, blood vessel walls tend to open wider as they relax simultaneously. The result? Lower blood pressure, thereby, the reduction of a heart attack and stroke in people is minimal. The high risk of a stroke is due to the metabolic syndrome and can be a link to these two heart conditions. So, whisk away a piece of dark chocolate for the prevention of heart diseases and those terrible calories that seem to pester us from time to time.2.

Eliminate smoking and drinking

best way to get fitStudies have shown that three alcoholic beverages a day will raise the chances of having high blood pressure. Even more so, it is, literally, heart breaking. In fact, smoking is also a very bad habit to have when you’re trying to remain heart attack free and stroke-free. The stigma is the nasty chemicals in the cigarettes. They narrow down the arteries which makes the blood harder to penetrate through and reach your heart as well as other critical areas of the body. As a result, it makes the blood pressure rise. By eliminating smoking and drinking altogether, especially if you have a family history of heart conditions, this type of elimination will help your cardiovascular health overall.

Heart blood pressure reading monitor

buying a heart blood pressure monitor can help get you on that right path. Ask your pharmacist about blood pressure readers next time you go to a drugstore or grocery store. Once you own one, you can record your blood pressure by recording it for about a week and on a daily basis to monitor it while you practice your new habits of exercising, eating right, and eliminating bad habits. Keep an eye on your readings; for instance, if it reads at 140/90, contact your primary doctor for an appointment, since this illustrates a high reading.1.

Finally, the remaining fit is to keep at it. Cardiovascular exercises is the main element to Best way to get fit and live a longer and healthier lifestyle. Eliminating bad habits such as smoking and overindulgence in alcoholic beverages are two ways towards your goal to have a healthy heart. This includes having a healthy diet, monitoring your blood pressure and remaining active. The longevity of your heart plays a huge role in sustaining a long healthy lifestyle.