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FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

Your productivity does not have to be put on hold while you exercise with the

FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar. Built to help you accommodate a busy schedule and allow for continued work or play with the no-slip desk for a computer, tablet, or even a magazine so you don’t have to stop to exercise.

Things to consider before buying would be how you are fitting exercise time into a fast-paced work, family and social lifestyle? Busy schedules can be a problem and an excuse for people not to work out. The FitDesk 2.0 Exercise Bike will help solve this problem by allowing you to cycle while continuing to work or play using the attached desk with built-in drawer. The ideal customer for the FitDesk 2.0 is a busy person who wants s to continue what they are doing on their computer or tablet and still fit in a low-impact cardio workout. The padded armrest with massage rollers will relieve tension from typing and when you take a break from typing there are resistance bands to add an upper body workout as well.

The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar lightweight folding pedal desk is designed with a compact steel frame providing stability as well as space saving features when folded and put away. The bike includes a beach cruiser style seat and a backrest which adjusts from upright to semi-recumbent positions for added comfort. Consumers can compare it to another market leader the Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1,000 Desk Station Folding Semi-Recumbent Exercise Bike which includes a completely adjustable desktop with Air Soft seat and eight levels of tension resistance.

Consumers may also want to compare the FitDesk to the Wirk Ride Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk. This dual purpose equipment allows you to cycle and work or stands and work at the attached desk. It includes a prop for a tablet or book and provides a quiet workout. This bike, as well as other exercise bikes, provides workout monitor for calories, distance and other aspects of the ride.

Features and Benefits of the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

Twin Belt High-Velocity Fly Wheel-

The bike comes equipped with a twin belt high-velocity flywheel with eight position magnetic resistance levels. This gives you the ability to increase and decrease the intensity of the workout throughout the workday. The resistance is easily adjusted with a convenient frame mounted knob. Magnetic resistance bikes offer customization of workouts and easy transition from one level to another. The drawback to this system is that they sometimes malfunction and are not computer regulated in most bikes.

Aluminum and steel gear box-

The aluminum and steel gear box for the FitDesk 2.0 is much more durable than plastic models. It not only adds to the lifetime of the bike it provides a quiet workout without distracting vibrations.

 Cardio Resistance Bands-

The FitDesk 2.0 offers cardio resistance bands for an added upper body workout when you take a break from typing. The cardio bands will improve arm strength and add to a complete body workout. When you are typing the bike offers forearm roller massage to ease the strain. Exercising and working are made more comfortable with this added bonus.

Adjustable Seat Back-

The adjustable seat back and extender for upright or semi-recumbent positioning allows for a change during the day. The beach cruiser style seat and the back rest allow for comfort while working and cycling. The bike does have a weight limit of 250 pounds. The seat may get uncomfortable for some users after a while and need an extra cushion.

16×19 Non-Slip Desk-

Working at the 16X19 inch desk is made easier with the non-slip surface. There is a computer strap for added security of the computer as well. The desk is adjustable for comfort; however, the adjustment levels could be better for people who are five feet or shorter. There is an added drawer under the desk for storing small items like earbuds, phones, pens or other office supplies.

Digital Performance Meter-

Another feature of the FitDesk 2.0 is the digital performance meter which tracks distance, calories burned and time spent cycling. This particular feature will help you keep track of your fitness goals every day.

Social Proof: FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar

Some owners use the FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar three hours a day or more to stay in shape while working. Their concentration is not broken with noisy gears or squeaky wheels because the bike is silent. The FitDesk 2.0 can help improve overall health by adding movement to the workday or time spent gaming or on social media or even watching television.

  • non-slip desk
  • eight positions of magnetic resistance
  • massage rollers
  • Awkward cup holder positioning
  • difficult for shorter people five feet and shorter
  • desk angle and height are not adjustable
Alternates product

1.Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1,000 Desk Station Folding Semi-recumbent Exercise Bike

One alternative stationary bike with desk would be the Exerpeutic WORKFIT 1,000 Desk Station Folding Semi-recumbent Exercise Bike. This cycle includes a fully adjustable desktop for a computer. It includes an AirSoft seat and eight levels of tension resistance. This model has a three hundred pound weight limit and can also be used as a standing desk. The LCD display keeps you up to date on distance traveled, calories burned, speed and heart rate.

2.Wirk Ride Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk

Another alternate bike desk would be the Wirk Ride Exercise Bike Workstation and Standing Desk which will function as both a desk bike and standing desk. There is an adjustable prop for tablet or book when not on the computer. The bike is quiet and includes a workout monitor as well.

3.Loctek Foldable Office Cycling Workstation Desk Exercise Bike with Laptop Table, Red

A third option would be the Loctek Foldable Office Cycling Workstation Desk exercise Bike with Laptop Table, Red which is both compact and foldable and includes transportation wheels for easy movement to storage. It includes magnetic tension control to add variety to the workout. This bike will accommodate riders from five feet two inches to six feet and has a weight capacity of three hundred pounds. The Loctek provides a low impact workout with smooth pedaling.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you get an actual intense cardio workout on the FitDesk 2.0 Exercise Bike?

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Yes, the bike has eight tension settings to increase the intensity of the workout if you choose. The cardio armbands will also add to the overall intensity of a full body workout if desired.


Does the desk get in the way of watching television?

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No, the FitDesk 2.0 is designed so that the desk doesn’t obstruct your view so you can watch television or play video games and still workout.


Is the bike stable?

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Yes, the compact steel frame is very sturdy even when you pedal at higher speeds.


Is the FitDesk v2 0 better than an under the desk pedal machine?

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Yes, because the under the desk units move during use and do not offer the stability or arm workout option.


Can you really be productive at work and still ride the FitDesk 2.0?

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It is quiet enough to concentrate and take calls. It is also stable enough that the vibrations are not distracting.

Final Verdict 

The FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar desk exercise bike provides you with a solution to the problem of finding time to workout and stay fit while still keep up with a busy work, family, and social life. The non-slip desk is perfect for a computer, tablet or magazine and the drawer will hold other small items as well. The eight tension levels provide a range of workout options during the work day or while watching television. Typing strain is lessened by the forearm massage rollers and cardio armbands are also included to help provide a total body workout while you are not typing.


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FitDesk v2.0 Desk Exercise Bike with Massage Bar
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